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Only by making effective alternative means of transport budget-friendly and fun, we can respond to the complex mobility..

A hot topic

Urban mobility is the challenge of the future. The circulation plan in Ghent, the low emission zone in Antwerp, these are just a few examples of our constant search for a new vision of our transport policy. Fewer traffic jams and more attention to the environment, that’s what it’s all about, but how do we get those ambitious targets?

EZ-Ride wants to answer that question. We do this by offering alternative means of transport to move faster, more enjoyable, more efficient and environmentally friendly. Why else would you replace your car?

You can use the EZ Riders as an alternative to the car or as a complement. The EZ scooters and EZ Riders fit perfectly in the trunk of your car so you can park outside the city and complete the rest of the journey in style. The rides are also ultra-compact and light in weight so you can take them easily on the train, tram, bus or metro and even on holidays! So you don’t have to spend extra money on expensive taxis and/or rental cars.

EZ Riders, EZ scooters and EZ Bikes have it all. They are economical, ecological, easy, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. So all you expect from an alternative means of transport, adding the fun factor!

In large cities like Miami and Paris they are already familiar with e-rides in the streets.
Even international stars and influencers continue to put their increasingly expensive cars on the side for an ecological alternative. Are we ready for that in our streets?

About EZ-Ride

EZ-Ride is an ambitious company with a clear mission and a Belgian story. Don’t doubt to order your urban mobility solutions through EZ-Ride. You discovered a professional and reliable supplier who advises you in your own language.  We answer all your questions with pleasure through phone, email or live in our showroom by appointment. You can admire the EZ Ride products right away, and try them on our test circuit.


This is how we make a difference:

  • Online sales, but also personal advice by professional dealers.
  • Do you have a question or want some extra explanation? Send us a message!
  • Our straightforward pricing strategy always ensures you the same price everywhere.
  • CE-approved articles with electrical motors and batteries from top manufacturers.
  • No mass production, made-to-order with focus on quality.