An interesting alternative for the classical company bikes

Multifunctional use

The possible applications of electric scooters, e-bikes and e-riders are simply endless. For example, commuters choose this wat of transport for fast, environmentally conscious and effective commuting. Or as a smart alternative or complement to the classical company cars on short and medium distances.

On extensive industrial sites, e-rides could possibly replace the classic bikes. Car garages can offer their customers an electric step, EZ Rider or e-bike as a temporary “replacement vehicle” while the car is being repaired. And because the stylish designs catch the eye right away, the ez-riders are the perfect products for an original and striking marketing campaign.

You read it correctly, the electric transport solutions of EZ-Ride offer nothing but advantages for individuals and companies. Besides, the e-rides are employable for different applications:

The perfect solution for on-site relocations

For on-site movements on extensive industrial sites or work traffic between nearby branches, traditional electric company bikes are often used. And rightly so! Those electric supply company bikes offer lots of benefits for the employees and for the company.

  • exercising during working hours keeps employees in great shape and makes them happier
  • staying on the increases concentration and reduces sick leave
  • time saved by fast and effective movements can be spent elsewhere
  • no large costs and risks through fleet expansion and/or parking infrastructure
  • the company consciously chooses for a smaller carbon footprint
  • and all those other mental, sporty, financial and tax advantages of course …

But does it have to be an electrical bike though? The electrical scooters, riders and e-bikes of EZ-Ride offer you just the same benefits but with a lot more fun while driving! Wouldn’t you rather cruise with a e-scooter rather than bike? And doesn’t the EZ-ride bike look way cooler than the classic electric bike? Just that trendy look and the high fun factor of the EZ-Ride products, makes this new generation of business cycling more interesting than ever.

Corporate branding with personalized wrapping

NOf course, we can also personalize your e-rides with your logo and company colours. With a full colour printed wrapping according to your design, anything is possible. You can create recognizable business bikes or notable advertising carriers for a commercial message that will certainly get the attention. Or why not create a limited-edition series to raffle off? Let your creativity flow!

Feel free to contact us to see some examples of personalized scooters, bikes or riders and to get more information about the possibilities and price rates for your project.

Some ideas

Hotels, event planners & activities providers

  • a cool and original activity for tourists
  • additional source of income in the case of rental
  • striking and original advertising carrier

car & bicycle rental companies, car garages, …

  • more choice in rental range
  • alternative to classic replacement car

airports, petrochemical companies, hospitals, …

  • fast, economic and environmental on-site and on-campus movements
  • staff can be deployed quickly and efficiently on different branch offices & buildings
  • also suitable for indoor relocations in large building complexes

Something else in mind? The possibilities are endless!

Becoming an EZ-ride partner or reseller offers tons of benefits


Do you have a bike shop or do you distribute similar e-rides in your store? Find out how you can become an EZ-Ride reseller and which benefits you enjoy as a preferred reseller.

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You can also benefit in a different way. You can choose to put our products in the spotlight and get a nice sales commission.

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Large orders, corporate purchases and long-term partnerships at EZ-Ride always start with a good conversation. Please feel free to get in touch to arrange an appointment for a personal introduction at our showroom in Oudenaarde or in your company.