Become an EZ Ride Dealer


An asset to your bike shop range?

Are you the proud owner of a cool bike shop, the reliable local bike shop in your neighbourhood or a whole other trendy business? You’ve also got a spot for the EZ-Ride best sellers in the range? Read a bit further, because the EZ-Ride dealership offers numerous interesting benefits and stone-hard guarantees to ensure you a successful sale.

Why you should become an EZ-ride dealer

  • No abundance of distribution points, we keep the EZ-dealership selective and exclusive.
  • No ridiculous minimum quantities, favourable reseller rates are offered starting from 10 pieces.
  • No endless price war with fellow competitors, we watch over gross prices and your profit margin.
  • No discount prices for EZ-Ride web shop purchases, but the same gross prices as in your store.
  • No unfair competition, only professionals with knowledge of business can become an EZ-Ride dealer.
  • No loss of time, we provide the necessary POS and marketing materials and information.
  • No missed opportunities, you will get a full listing with hyperlink on our dealer locator.
  • No mystery, your dealership is also announced via all our social media channels.
  • No gigantic marketing budget needed, because we make maximum publicity for the products.
  • No mass production, instead a quality product that is exclusive and made-to-order.

Starter or interested in a franchise formula?

Are you an enthusiastic starting entrepreneur and/or looking for an interesting franchise or partner formula? We are curious about your plans, would love to meet you and discuss any possibilities for cooperation.


Or buy for your own use?

Would you like to purchase electric folding scooters, EZ Riders or e-bikes for your own employees or customers? Let us know so we could arrange a free product demonstration and test drive. During this introduction we can also discuss personalisation, branding capabilities and quantity discounts.

Become an EZ Ride partner

You don’t sell any electrical bikes or related products, but you’re the proud owner of a trendy hotspot in a prime location? Then you are the perfect candidate for an EZ-Ride B2B partnership.

You just have to provide some space for one or a few demo models, informative brochures and attractive POS material. The flyers with the unique discount code should be put on a visible place.

If your customers decide to buy cool EZ- riders or scooters through the web shop with their personalized code, you earn a well-deserved sales commission!


Ready to see your shop’s name in the reseller’s list on our website? Send us all information about your shop, we’d love to stop by and meet you to discuss the possibilities for a dealership.