Want to go to work without traffic jams?

Especially commuters and tourists tend to be fond of this EZ Rider.
It’s the perfect way of transport for short and medium distances. With this trendy eye-catcher any distance can be reached in a fun, comfortable, stylish and environmentally friendly way. Afterwards you can easily fold this featherweight and you will be surprised how compact it is! Very handy when you’re planning to take the train or bus, or when you want to put it away in your car’s trunk.

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€ 1899 including VAT

Approximate delivery time: 5 working days


The EZ rider in the spotlight

To ride in and around the city quickly, ecological, comfortable and budget friendly, the EZ Rider is the right choice. Thanks to its light, compact and foldable design you can take it anywhere and you’ll never have to think about parking tickets or whatsoever. The beauty of the EZ rider proves that combining function and design is possible.

Trendy citizens will immediately fall for the timeless and elegant design. You will be so impressed once we tell you about the technical performance of this electric EZ Rider!

With a 250W/350W motor power and 36V or 48V 8,7 Ah battery you can drive up to 60 kilometres on just one single charge. Ideal if you regularly do medium-long distances.

The aluminium frame is feather light and strong at the same time. The EZ Rider weighs 18 kg and you can effortlessly take it anywhere with you. It is sturdy, stable, maximum weather-resistant, easy to maintain and durable.

When you’re done, you can simply fold the rider in one single move and then just trail it like a trolley on wheels. Besides, you only need a minimum of space to store or park your EZ rider.

A technical tour de force

Brushless gear motor

This EZ Rider is not equipped with a standard electric motor, but with a state-of-the-art electromagnetic engine without rotating blades and brushes. Sounds rather technical, but this choice does offer some interesting benefits:

  • no moving parts and therefore less wear and longer service life/life span
  • no start problems, not even at colder outdoor temperatures
  • no yield loss by mechanical parts;
  • greater return

Reliable battery

The lithium battery is reliable LG/Samsung made. This ensures a long service life and technical excellence.

Inflatable tires

To ensure a comfortable ride, your EZ ride is equipped with pneumatic tires. These supply extra shock absorption every time you come across little obstacles. For a safe ride, we recommend a pressure of 280 Kpa/2.8 bar.

Keep the thieves away!

The EZ Rider will only start when the right key is near. A warning signal will go off if someone without that key tries to start it or even touch it. Of course, putting an extra lock on your popular EZ ride won’t do any harm.

You can also remotely lock or unlock your EZ Rider from a distance. Thieves won’t be able to steal your ride by pushing you off it. You can just press the button of your key and make the EZ rider power down.

If you forgot where you parked your ride you can use your smart key to localize the bike with a sound signal.

Warranties & certificates

  • IPX4 water resistant per ISO 20653:2013 (TUV Rheinland 70.300.16.10121.01 seal test)
  • XTECH disc brakes with CANEC1413133302 ROHS certification
  • E08096161 CE certificate
  • EMC: ZYJZ100F-L
  • SGS: SH8194241/CHEM
  • And of course, also the legal manufacturer’s warranty.


  • cruise control
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • USB connection
  • illuminated Control Panel
  • comfort saddle
  • automatic rear light (under saddle)
  • disc brakes
  • anti-theft system
  • remote Find Your EZ Rider function
  • remote control (for START/OFF & alarm function)

Optional accessories

  • extra 48V – 8.7 (A) battery
  • Universal smartphone holder for steering wheel attachment
  • shopping basket

motor: 36V | 250W or 48V | 350W
koppel: 8,4 N.M.
batterij: lithium | 36V | 8,8 Ah or 48V | 8,7 Ah
laadtijd: 3 tot 5 u
batterijlader: 110-240V | 50-60 Hz
autonomie: 36V 30 tot 40 km or 48V 40 to 60 km
behuizing: aluminium 6061-T6 | IPX4 waterbestendig
banden: 57 – 203 mm | pneumatisch
netto gewicht: <18 kg
draagvermogen: 120 kg

EZ Rider: 1.200 x 615 x 985 mm
dicht geplooid: 1.235 x 536 x 270 mm

starter zero start
rem schijfremmen
visibiliteit voorlicht | automatisch achterlicht onder zadel

Pimp your ride with these accessories:

Image Image

75€ incl. BTW

Private: Smartphone holder

Reasons why you should order yours/your EZ rider right now

How long does it take to get to your job by car? With the EZ rider we're sure it won't take as long and you won't have to worry about not finding a parking spot or traffic

Just think about how much money you are saving by not paying for public transport. Not only can you save money in your daily life, but also on holidays!

The minimalist and elegant design is timeless and gender neutral it speaks to trendsetters of all ages. Even international celebrities are falling for the handsome look of the EZ ride.

Forget about harmful exhaust emissions or noise pollution. You’re choosing an environmentally friendly vehicle that is made from 100% recyclable aluminium

Ready to kick it?

You are just a few clicks away of ordering your EZ Rider. Do you prefer to test it out first? No problem! Find the nearest distributor in your area or contact us to make an appointment at the EZ-Ride showroom in Oudenaarde.