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For several years now the Inmotion V8 has been one of the most popular mid-range unicycles.
Its popularity is due to the fact that it is one of the lightest and most compact 16 inch monowheel, and in terms of price and size it competes with the 14 inch counterparts of competitors, while having the advantages of a 16 inch wheel – increased stability at high speeds, smoother overcoming on rough roads.

The Inmotion V8 monowheel is a very high quality, time-tested hit among personal electric vehicles. One of the distinctive features of the electric unicycle is its futuristic design – the LED backlight here is not made in a single line like most electric unicycles, but throughout the entire body. The backlight can be customized or turned off altogether. Weighing only about 14 kg the Inmotion V8 has a powerful 800 watt motor and 480 Wh battery.

These characteristics allow it to travel about 40 km on a single charge and reach speeds of up to 30 km / h. You can charge the battery in 4-5 hours.  Inmotion has thought about ergonomics, so this wheel has been designed for ease of use. Comfortable pedals located at a good height will allow you not to cling to the ground when cornering or driving off-road. On the sides of the Inmotion V8 are calf pads – thanks to them, the unicycle is confidently held between the legs, and the user does not feel discomfort due to pressure on the lower leg.

Its slim body with a width of only 148 mm provides comfortable riding and maneuvering. This wheel has a retractable telescopic handle for rolling the wheel next to you. There is a special button under the carrying handle that, when pressed, puts the Inmotion V8 into sleep mode. Now the electric unicycle is easy to carry where it is impossible to drive, for example over steps. All you need to do is just lift the unicycle, move it, and again you can go.

The power button of the Inmotion V8 monowheel is touch sensitive. Do not worry that the moisture gets into the button during rain. The charge indicator, which is located directly under the power button is made in such a way that it is clearly visible even on a sunny day. And under the indicator there is a light that will illuminate the road at night.





EZ Ride doet al het mogelijke om een tijdige en stipte levering te verzekeren op het door de klant opgegeven adres. Alle gemelde of vermelde leveringstermijnen zijn echter indicatief. EZ Ride kan niet aansprakelijk worden gesteld voor een overschrijding van die levertermijn en is geenszins verantwoordelijk voor of gehouden tot het betalen van een schadevergoeding ingevolge laattijdige leveringen en/of vertragingen ten gevolge van fouten en/of nalatigheid door de transporteur.

De levering gebeurt pas na ontvangst van betaling door de klant aan EZ Ride en onder voorbehoud dat de goederen voorradig zijn.

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